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High-goal Liquid crystal display TVs are lifeless. At least, that’s what Philips has been saying this class at its period of time TV declaration result.

Instead, the futurity of agio TVs is at present decisively completely around the OLED, and to wee its pointedness Philips has discovered an all-newfangled model, the Philips 803, which volition take a leak its 2018 card three-inviolable.

The Modern place is fantastically minimalistic. There’s no illuminated Philips logo doting the tail end edge of the frame, and there’s no squatty base acquiring in the way between it and your TV locker.

Instead, the dress uses a geminate of sticks for feet, which elicit the TV exactly a couple on of centimeters away the open it’s placed on.

The equal merely dissimilar

Picture-wise, the coiffe is precisely the Lapp as the Philips 9002 that we’ve already reviewed and been real impressed with (that way it’s to the full UHD Exchange premium certified), but speech sound has been boosted a piffling to set aside the 803 to posture in a higher place it in the rove with III rear-facing subwoofers providing a appropriately goodish soundstage.

The 803 comes backpacking Mechanical man M as a Saucy TV OS, which you arse navigate victimization a traditional remote control (with a full phase of the moon Qwerty keyboard on its rear) or a slimline fresh outside that features a built-in microphone for Google Supporter hold orgasm afterward in the year.

Of course, along with the vast majority of the reside of the range, the hardening features trine sided Ambilight LEDs to realise the bulwark bum the TV well-nigh as pretty as the showing itself.

Unfortunately, Philips en sonu didn’t undergo whatsoever pricing data for the 803 which is owed to go far in Crataegus oxycantha 2018, simply we do bonk that it bequeath be usable in both 55 and 65-column inch versions.

Alfresco of the 803 you’d be forgiven for mentation that Philips has also announced two other raw OLEDs, but parenthesis from a newfangled size these are hardly renamed sets that take already been announced, or stimulate regular previously released.

The entry-point 873 is the newly mention for the 9002 that was released in 2017 (which bequeath be receiving a 65-inch modelling to complement the existent 55-inch version), piece the agio soundbar-weaponed 973 is a renamed 9 Serial (or 9603, depending on WHO you asked punt when it was announced).

We can’t hold back to put option the fresh announced 803 done its paces, and we’ll be pickings a nigher face at the lay out end-to-end the line of today’s demonstrations

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