A new documentary will reveal the woman behind Gaga. Frazier Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment

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A documentary on Lady Gaga is coming to Netflix September 22.

«Gaga: Five Foot Two» will follow a year in the life of the singer.

It will provide an in-depth look at Gaga as she balances relationships with her stardom.

Gaga released clips from the documentary teasing health struggles and the singer addressing her famous feud with Madonna.

If you’re not able to attend Lady Gaga’s Joanne World tour, fans will be able to get close and personal with the star next month from the comfort of their living rooms. 

Netflix announced Thursday morning it will release a documentary on the singer in September. 

The documentary, «Gaga: Five Foot Two,» is from filmmaker Chris Moukarbel, who also did «Banksy Does New York,» and will show a year in the life of the Mother Monster. 

According to a press release, the documentary will show Gaga’s relationship struggles, health issues, and the singer navigating and conquering insecurities. 

The artwork released for Lady Gaga’s documentary. Netflix

«I had a rare opportunity to create a portrait of an artist with such an open heart and mind. I feel really lucky that Gaga trusted me and my vision,» said Moukarbel.

Gaga released four clips from the upcoming documentary on her Instagram account Thursday of what fans can expect, and it looks like it will be an emotional, raw look at the superstar. 

In one clip, Gaga is at a doctor about to undergo a procedure. Neither she nor the doctor say what it is for, but there’s talk of trying to relieve the singer of intense pain in her face. The pain is described as feeling like she’s «running from the tiger all the time.»

Lady Gaga at the doctor’s office waiting for treatment. Netflix

The nameless doctor also suggests there’s a psychological factor to her pain.

In late 2016, Gaga opened up about suffering from chronic pain. After receiving messages from fans about their experiences, the singer shared some of her remedies including an infrared sauna.

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