foot collapsesIf we heard one of our staff members say this, we would go ballistic; yet these very words spew out of our mouths frequently when it comes time to discuss money!

Misalignment of the spine means the curvature of your spine has a different shape than it should, resulting in pressure on the nerves and pain. Usually neck traction can help relieve the neck pressure.

Did you know that you can and should interview a potential Culver City Chiropractor before undergoing treatment? It is very easy. Call one who is on your list and set up a consultation.

So how does Gravity Inversion Therapy help with alleviating back pain? spinal decompression is one of the main reasons it feels so good to get weight off your back. By reversing gravity, you can allow your spine to stretch in the other direction, creating more room between the vertebra.

Take your right knee and move it as close to your chest as you can. Use both of your hands to help move your knee closer to your chest. Take your hands and move your knee to the side and back to your chest again. Do this ten to twenty times. Let your right knee go back on to the ground. You may feel your back pop when you let your right knee back down. Don’t worry. This is a good thing.

Consider it like this… if you just get 1 patient per month from each of these ideas, that’s potentially 100 NEW PATIENTS PER MONTH in your chiropractic office!!

If you’re under twenty, you’ll want to take a different approach. The best way for you to maximize your height is to increase the amounts of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in your system. To do this, you need to do thirty minutes of intense light weight exercise three times a week. Exercising intensely with light weights will cause your muscles to produce nitric oxide and lactic acid. The combination of these two will then cause your body to release HGH. However, avoid overtraining your muscles. If you use too heavy of weights, the HGH will be used to increase muscle mass instead of bone length.

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