A recent study into «The Dr. Oz Show» and one other popular TV health series, «The Doctors,» found that of the shows they studied, roughly half the advice doled had little-to-no solid scientific evidence to back it up.

The study

 only looked at a sampling of the shows, 40 episodes from each from early 2013. Regardless, the findings are important, especially now, as Oz has come under fire for endorsing

dozens of «quack» treatments

Last week, 

ten top physicians called for Dr. Oz to be removed from Columbia’s faculty list because he has «repeatedly shown disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine.»

Of all the advice dispensed on the 40 episodes of «The Dr. Oz Show» that the researchers studied, evidence supported just 46%.

The evidence also contradicted 15% of the advice given out on the show, and was not found for 39% of it.

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